Saturday, July 3, 2010

Help Change Someones Life

July 3rd

On Tuesday of this week i walked into the Empower A Child office and i decided to sponsor a child with the help of my four friends Carly, Joan, Amanda, and Andrea. Today, i got to meet the shy, beautiful, intelligent Joan (joe-anne).

I decided that i wanted to help sponsor a child when i started to hear all of the stories from the Empower A Child staff. Many are Compassion International kids and were sponsored when they were young to be able to go to school. Because of Compassion, their lives were greatly impacted. Empower A Child would not be existant if not for Compassion, children's lives that EAC impacts would not be impacted, all of the EAC staff that was sponsored would most likely not have been able to go to school, university, and be able to get jobs, and EAC itself would not exist. This is why i wanted to sponsor a child: to help change someones live, to give someone a chance they would not have, and to show Christ's love. I figured now was the time to do it, when i was in Uganda where i could meet my sponsor child. I didn't want to make any more excuses. I am blessed beyond belief and i wanted to help bless someone else.

Joan's story touched my heart and i am sure will touch yours. Her father is not present in her life and she lived with her mother who could not provide for her school fees, food, or other essentials. She was attending Victory Primary School when one of the cooking ladies took notice of her need. She decided that she needed to help Joan, even though she did not have much more money than Joan's mother. She took Joan in and became her "Auntie" and began to provide for her school fees. However, now Joan's guardian does not even have enough money for life's essentials. They live at the school and barely have enough money to eat. I hope one day i can have as much compassion as her Auntie.

When i walked into Victory Primary today, i was greeted by Joan and her Auntie. I could not stop smiling as i hugged Joan in my arms and my eyes started to tear up as Joan's Auntie took my hands and said "Thank you so much my daughter." I looked around and saw their "luggage" in the corner of the room. I asked her if they needed anything and she began to list off things such as a mattress, clothes, a pair of shoes, a school uniform, a mosquito net, books..all essential things if you ask me. Thankfully i am going to have the opportunity to take Joan shopping and hopefully be able to get Joan and her guardian most of these things.

Joan is one of the most beautiful 10 year old girls i have ever met. She is so meek and humble and her smile and hugs greatly touched my heart. Thankfully with the help of my 4 wonderful friends, we are able to sponsor her. To provide her with an essential right: the right to education. Something that she might possibly not get otherwise. I know now, her life is never going to be the same.

There are over 70 kids on the waiting list to be sponsored. Yes, 70 kids. Some of which have been waiting over 2 years to be sponsored. I believe education is imperative for a child, and should be given to all children and sponsorship only costs 30 dollars a month for school fees and other essentials for these children.

I never thought i would be able to sponsor a child right now, after all i am still in school and 30 dollars a month does add up. But, what if you would give up 1 soda a day? That is 1 dollar a would be able to sponsor a child. What if you would give up 7 cups of starbucks a month? You would be able to sponsor a child. Do what i did. Ask a couple of your friend to pair up with you and help someone. I asked my 4 good friend to help me for the next 2 years until i am out of college and will be more financially stable to continue to sponsor Joan. Ask your friends to help you help someone. If you grab just 2 other friends, that is only 10 dollars a month. If you grab 3 other friends, it is only 7.50 a month. If you grab 4 other friends, it is only 6 dollars a month.

Seeing the EAC staff and how their lives have been impacted by sponsorship make me realize that it works. Sponsorship and education really DO impact these children. If you are wanting to help change someones life please contact me and i would love nothing more than to help. These children and their stories impact me every day and i hope they are impacting yours as well.

"Speak up for those who can not speak up for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute." Proverbs 31:8

"Now that i have seen, i am responsible. Faith without deeds is dead. Now that i have held you in my own arms, i can not let go till you are." -Brooke Fraser

Joan and her Auntie

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