Friday, May 28, 2010

Have i ever mentioned how much i LOVE handwritten notes? :)

May 29th

Today, at 1:25pm i'm going to be starting my adventure by boarding a plane en route to Houston, Tx. Shortly after, ill be going to Dubai. After a small, or not so small, layover of 12 hours, i'll be going to Entebbe, Uganda!! All in all, i'll be traveling for a full 2 days and arriving in Uganda at 2:45pm (or 7:45am for us floridians.) :)

Hopefully, i'll be able to update on here every so often and keep everyone in the loop, but if you want to contact me another way feel free to email/send me a letter because if you didn't already know i love handwritten notes :)


Kristin Russell
c/o Empower A Child
PO Box 33273
Kampala, Uganda

Thank you all for you love, support, and prayers. Can't wait to spend 2 months experiencing life with the people of Uganda!

One backpack. One bag. One adventure. Ready to go. :)

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